Спам о нигерийском наследстве


согласно этой истории, скончался мой однофамилец, и на счетах у него осталась большая сумма денег.
и наследников нет (ага... после смерти таких людей наследники вылезают, как грибы после дождя).
и мне предлагают получить эти деньги, поделившись ими.
в чём прикол вообще?
фамилия у меня достаточно распространённая, так что письмо это получили, наверняка, тысячи и тысячи людей.
как дальше работает эта схема?
а вот и письмо собственно:
Dear Silva <last name>
I have contacted you based on the sudden death of late Dr. <name> who gave up the ghost through an air crash <description> in June the 4th 2007. Based on his connections with the top government cadre, he was involved into government contracts and other deals that made him quite whealthy.See Url : <zdes' url>; for more insights on the informed tragedy. In reference to my ealier communication, i have informed you about the deposit of total sum of <zdes' millions $> that he deposited in one of the major financial institution here in the country.
However, i decided therefore, to give you a swift details due to the limited time frame left for you to apply for this claim via an official notice by a submission of an application as the next of kin/beneficiary as guaranteed by law. This application has to be submitted immediately as to avoid a change of our inheritance laws which will take place at the this 1st week of November .This change is a clarion call from our Central bank as to thigtened up our inheritance laws due to its weakpoints to a broader perspective to the global financial crises.It then becomes important that the bankers have to be in the receipt of your application so as to avoid such strict provisions that is expected in this new amendements.If your applications fails to be in the reach of the bankers before this date, then you might expect a very strong and scrutinized procedures to the claim of your inheritance as against the light and speedy lawful procedures in place at the moment.
It becomes important that you note that i have you brought you a good tidings that will change our entire lives, coupled with a guarantee of giving my late client, your distant late relative a resting peace even in the world beyond.A covenant that is expedient with all required legal backups and preparedness to ensure a successful repartriation of your inheritance fund. However ,i want you to understand that in our part of the world, chances or opportunities like this are common in our banking/ financial trust houses due to our weak West African financial policies, but are confidentially benefited by the high cadres of the bank executives.Normally people deposit their funds in banks and some of these accounts are either coded or confidentially operated and sometimes out of nonchalant attitude creats loopholes by not filling in specifically names of the next of kins/beneficiary of such fund upon their demise.
Such loopholes becomes one of the numerous avenues good free money are made within and amongst the bankers in most cases when nobody comes for the claim of such funds within a stipulated time frame to make such official request as provided by law.It is also one of the reason why the banks normally impose time frames for the representation of a next of kin/beneficiary to the claim,a particular reference to the 10 days open for any an official request to the bank through a submission of an application to such effect.According to the provisions of our inheritance laws, such request has to be communicated to the responsible bank after a period of 1 year of an expiration of her customer by a representative relative, both distant or close.If after this time frame and no representation is made,the bank has all statutory right to declare the bank account unservisable and this is where the high officials of the banks benefits from such accounts.
Fortunately,claimants to such fund falls to the succour of permissible laws like the Togo Inheritance Laws which mandates that a person is qualified for such claim if that person bears a common family names with the deceased person even through marriage, but the claim must be legally substantiated with a living witness of fact by a legal counsel with the presence of all related relevant burden of proof to such effect in the forms of the documented evidential proves,like datas and informations of the bank account in question but then must make such request known to the responsible bank within the official stipulated time frame.
Legally, there is no difference between a distant or close relative but the law recognised relatives to be people of a common family names (surnames) that originated from a common ancestry due to a common family names.This means that people of a common family names might have originated from a common ancestry and gets dispersed to different part of the world through migration from one place to another maybe for the quest to better their lives eighter through job opportunities in another secondary abode at that point termed "temporary" but might decide to reside in such abode and make such place a permanent home.People can move from point A-B because of war ,farmine, crises etc.But because they migrated from a common ancestry with same family names,hence the rights as recognised by law with the rights of distant relatives to the unquestionable rights of next of kin as afforded with the criteris of a common family names.
This is where the presence of my firm in general and i in person will afford you with this legal advantage/backing to ensure the successful execution of this covenant. Note therefore,that my law firm has been motivately engaged in this process with a thorough findings coupled with substantial evidence collections inorder to present an unquestionable next of kin to the bank to ensuring the release and repartriation of this inheritance fund by the bankers to your rights of next of kin/beneficiary.This was what motivated me to contact you so that you can be presented to the bank to complete all modalities to the transfer of this fund to your rights of kinship/beneficiary.
I hereby advice you to see it as a reason that worth it and consider it very necessary to proceed with me and ensure that we work with transparency to achieve the best of result in this transaction.It was not by mistake that i contacted you because i was left with no other option than this,due to the fact that i have exhausted all possible means to locate any of my late client's relative or next of kin as no will was drawn before his untimely death. If nobody is presented to the bank as next of kin/beneficiary to my late client, late Dr. <name>,that will be entitled to the fund,it will be frozen at the expiration of the deadline given by the bank and the Board of Directors and Trustees of this bank will share it amongst themselves.I have worked very hard all this while and will not just sit by and watch the money disappear like a thin air . more insights on the informed unfortunate incident.
As said earlier, i have all the necessary documents/ informations that the bank will require from you as the legal next of kin/ beneficiary to this claim .I need to remind you that i will be entitled to 30 % of this fund as is provided by law for my assistance and help to achieve this aim.If then,out of consideration, you wish to increase this share, i will highly appreciate such gesture.I guarantee that this process will be executed under legitimate arrangement that will be free from any breach of the law.
Due to my sincere will of purpose i have attached a copy of my official certificate of practice,so that you can actually have a view of me and observe my legality.I am very concerned about the official deadline of the bank for a representation of a next of kin/ beneficiary to this effect,unfortunately this deadline is going to expire in a few days time,this is the important reason why we have to start off immediately with all the modalities to the execution of this transaction.
The first and most important step to take at this point is to send an application to the bank to effect the release of this fund to your rights of kinship which is the official stipulated steps to be taken by you as an official demand to the bank. Having requested an electronic application form from the bankers earlier,which is admissible from international customers,i have attached a copy of this electronic application for your fill out.Download the attached application specimen, print out the copy out of your pc, fill into the provided spaces and sign your signature on the spaces to make it legally acceptable by the bankers.Send the completed application to the bankers through their email address : <adres>@uk2.net which is also indicated in the application form. As soon as the bank receives this application,they will furnish you with the procedures in line with the bank's internal regulations as it relates to the release and transfer of your inheritance fund.At this point, you will have to revert back to me so that i can forward all the required items back to you in line with their instructions to effecting the release and transfer of this fund to your rights of beneficiary.At this point we will also need to draw a binding contract that will ensure that my percentage share of the fund will be reimbursed to me accordingly.
Because we are only few days away from the final deadline of the bank for the legal next of kin to forward an application.Send immediately a completed copy of an application to the bank like i have directed you,do not hesitate to inform me as soon as you transmit the application text to the bank. I will appreciate to have your telephone number to enable me call you whenever necessary. You can contact via the telephone ,dialing <phone number>
Best regards,
Your rights achieved is our prerogatives !


Это нигерийское письмо, так-то. Ты должна выслать авторам банан


как дальше работает эта схема?
как только ты соглашаешься - дальше тебя разводят на деньги - на пересылку документов, на подмазать кого-нибудь и т.д. - зависит от фантазии автора.
как только кидаешь денег - или начинают разводить на следующий этап, либо линяют - зависит от наглости автора.


в чём прикол вообще?
*В том, что тебе сначала придется оплатить их услуги.
Эта схема - фейк, она не работает, судя по описанию.
>> in our banking/ financial trust houses due to our weak West African.
**Это новая версия нигерийских писем, что ли ?
Судя по геграфии, как раз подходит.


у нас тут с бананами напряжёнка :)
мне проще выслать ананас


это он представился?


я тоже такое получил :)
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