ГЗ глазами иностранцев


На одном международном форуме посвященном архитектуре и высотным зданиям однаружил тред про ГЗ, где можно проголосовать за наше здание и почитать, что иностранцы о нем думают


СкопируЙ, у меня нета нет.


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Сейчас добавил туда свои сегодняшние фотографии с 22-го этажа ГЗ.


- Moscow State University, Moscow
36 floors
completed in 1953
designed by Lev Vladimirovitch Rudnev
Well I LOVE it. 9. I don't know why, but it looks futuristic to me. Maybe because you don't see any classical architecture this damned huge.
I give it a 9 too, it's not beautiful, but there's actually something special with this building, it's "different", I don't know how to explain
How much of that spire is counted in it's height?
whoa..Interesting. LARGE SPIRE.
The definitive work of totalitarian architecture - at least until that loony hotel in Pyongyang came along. Stalin's architectural minions were trying to create a unique style that combined massive scale with classical detailing, because the unornamented international style gaining favor in the West at the same time was just so darn capitalist. It's hard to rate something this unique, but I would probably toss out a six. In a way it's grotesque, but it overcomes it by being so Russian.
I love it I wish the uni I'm going to looked like this 8/10
Just sample some of the genious Hasselhoff has provided us with!
An elagent looking building. I've always liked this building. 9/10
I like the proportions and the detailing, and the spire. In some of the photos the top sections look unusually whiter than the rest of the building, were they given a scrub or reclad? In older photos the whole facade was a similar colour. 9/10
the most beautiful Moscow building and THE best University i have ever seen
it's ugly , bud very special built
why r all the "skyscrapers" of moskow like that one?
anyway i give it a 5
Total Russia. I always wished I could've gone down to see Moscow and this building during all my visits to the Arctic Russian areas.
Oppressive, Massive, Brutal, Imposing. I love it even though it is not beautiful. 8/10
i would love to see that in person . . . but dont agree with counting goofy spires to the overall height . . so 5/10
Wow, very grand Uni, very wide, very nice facade, and good spire.
I saw the word "grotesque" used above and that is a perfect description.
Grotesque though does not necessarily mean ugly, in this case it means unique, tantalizing and historically significant.
This building is almost impossible to rate, but for all it's (I wish I knew Russian because I can't quite find the adjective here) I give it 9/10.
Very grand and majestic. Somehow I cant see it as a skyscraper.
great, majestic,good looking building
9/10. Very cool!
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