Про ракеты


Если кто знает, подскажите, пожайлуста, в чем отличие твердотопливных ракет от ракет на жидком топливе?


агрегатное состояние топлива


Because they are so much easier to handle and store for long periods of time, solid rockets are commonly used on military missiles like Minuteman, AMRAAM, and HARM...
However, while solid rockets are typically safer, they are usually not as powerful or efficient as their liquid cousins. Another advantage of liquid rockets is that they can also be throttled by slowing or increasing the rate at which fuel is combusted. A solid rocket, by comparison, cannot be stopped once ignited. For these reasons, a number of hybrid classes of rockets have been developed to take advantage of the strengths of each type.


"Ударную силу" смотрел щас?


Твердотопливные надежней, проще но есть проблемы с регулировкой скорости горения и тяги
на жидком - наоборот, и дороже оне вроде


Жидкостные в среднем больше по размерам.
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