есть доступ к ленте новостей. Что разумно мониторить?


у меня появился доступ к Dow Jones NewsWires. Например, я оттуда узнал некоторые интересные факты, про которые раньше не слышал (поискав по ключевому слову "Russia" в заголовках новостей) за последние несколько дней
MOSCOW (Dow Jones)--Russia's gold and foreign exchange reserves fell
by $200 million to $469.1 billion in the week to July 23, the central
bank said in a statement Thursday.
The decline came after reserves rose by $2.0 billion in the week
ending July 16.
Russia holds the world's third-largest gold and foreign exchange
reserves after China and Japan.

July 23 $469.1 bln
July 16 $469.3 bln
July 9 $467.3 bln
July 2 $460.8 bln
June 25 $461.4 bln
June 18 $458.5 bln
June 11 $454.5 bln
June 4 $458.2 bln
May 28 $455.0 bln
May 21 $453.4 bln
May 14 $458.2 bln
May 7 $456.7 bln
April 29 $460.7 bln
April 23 $454.7 bln
April 16 $456.3 bln
April 9 $448.6 bln
April 2 $447.2 bln
March 26 $444.0 bln
March 19 $448.2 bln
March 12 $441.3 bln
March 5 $437.1 bln
Feb. 26 $434.1 bln
Feb. 19 $432.4 bln
Feb. 12 $431.5 bln
Feb. 5 $433.2 bln
Jan. 29 $437.1 bln
Jan. 22 $435.6 bln
Jan. 15 $441.4 bln
Jan. 8 $440.9 bln
Jan. 1 $440.6 bln
MOSCOW, Jul 30, 2010 (Dow Jones Commodities News Select via Comtex) — Russia
harvested 33 million metric tons of grain to July 29, which is 1.6 million tons
more than on the same date last year, the agriculture ministry reported late
The reason for the higher harvest so far this year compared with 2009 is the
current drought that has forced farmers to begin gathering the crop seven to 10
days earlier than normal, the ministry said.
The grain was harvested on 14.2 million hectares, or 33% of the total area to be
harvested, 3.2 million hectares more than a year ago, with the average yield of
2.32 tons a hectare compared with 2.85 tons a hectare on the same date last
Wheat harvest to date was 24.6 million tons, 700,000 tons less than a year ago,
on 9.6 million hectares or 1 million hectares more than a year ago, with the
average yield of 2.56 tons a hectare compared with 2.92 tons a hectare a year
Barley harvest to date was 4.2 million tons, 900,000 tons more than a year ago,
on 2.1 million hectares or 1 million hectares more than a year ago, with the
average yield of 1.99 tons a hectare compared with 3.02 tons a hectare a year
The ministry has warned that the drought will likely reduce the harvest this
year from the 85 million tons it forecast earlier. The ministry also said grain
stocks in the country totaled 24 million tons, including 9.5 million tons in the
state intervention fund. Russia's annual grain requirement is 77 million tons.
ну и так далее
Вопрос: пока у меня есть доступ к таким базам, на какие темы было бы разумно мониторить?


Не парься, забей


меньше слушай флудеров
мониторь то, что считаешь интересным и нужным и выкладывай сюда
зы. Респект за инициативу


значит, буду иногда писать сюда
у на пожары, в китае - наводнения
BEIJING (AFP)--Workers in northeast China were rushing to restore
water Tuesday to more than 300,000 people who have been cut off for
days due to floods, state media said.
Water supply pipelines to the city of Tonghua in Jilin province were
destroyed by flooding, leaving its 330,000 residents in need since
Saturday, China National Radio reported.
Days of torrential rain in the country's northeast have triggered
floods that have left more than 100 people dead or missing.
According to local media, workers were trying to replace four broken
pipelines with new ones. But the national meteorological center has
warned of more rain to come, which could hamper relief efforts.
An employee at Tonghua's flood control department, who refused to be
named, said residents were still able to buy drinking water from
shops, while fire engines were supplying non-drinking water at regular
China has been hit by its worst flooding in a decade, with about
1,000 people killed and more than 500 missing since the start of the
Until recently, torrential rains had mostly hit China's south,
swelling the Yangtze River--the nation's longest waterway--and some of
its tributaries to dangerous levels. The northeast has now also been
The floods have triggered deadly landslides, cut off roads, left
villages inaccessible and knocked out communications and water
supplies in the worst-hit areas.
A total of 10 million people have had to be evacuated from their
homes due to the disaster that has caused CNY194 billion ($29 billion)
in economic losses, according to the most recent official statistics.
куда вкладывают деньги китайцы
TEHRAN (AFP)--Iran's main economic partner China has invested around
$40 billion in the Islamic republic's oil and gas sector, a senior
Iranian official said on Saturday.
Deputy Oil Minister Hossein Noqrehkar Shirazi also said that
Tehran's oil exports to China fell by 30% in the first six months of
2010 compared with the corresponding period last year.
"The volume [of Chinese investment] in upstream projects is $29
billion," Noqrehkar Shirazi told Mehr news agency, adding that Beijing
had signed contracts worth another $10 billion in petrochemicals,
refineries and oil and gas pipeline projects.
He said China has also put forward proposals to participate in
building seven new refineries in Iran.
Kalgoorlie, Australia (Dow Jones)--Having recently shipped its first
nickel to China, Western Areas NL (WSA.AU) said Monday that it sees
further growth in demand from the country's expanding stainless steel
Julian Hanna, managing director of Western Areas, told Dow Jones
Newswires that his confidence is driven by recent statements from his
company's new customer Jinchuan Group, China's largest nickel
"Jinchuan have announced that they are looking to construct a brand
new refinery, which will produce 120,000 (metric) tons of nickel per
annum," Hanna said on the sidelines of the Diggers and Dealers
про ядерную программу франции
France has a long track record of creating successful national
champions. Now President Nicolas Sarkozy wants to create a French
nuclear powerhouse. France believes 250 nuclear power stations will be
built worldwide over the next 20 years, requiring total investment of
$1 trillion or more. But dominating this market may be harder than Mr.
Sarkozy thinks.
Sure, France starts from a position of strength in nuclear.
Electricite de France, 85% owned by the French state, is the world's
largest operator of nuclear power stations. Its fleet of 58 nuclear
generate around 80% of French electricity.
И ничего, про Чернобыль никто не вопит.
Видимо, вот поэтому европа воет о преступлениях режима в России
PRAGUE (Dow Jones)--The Czech Republic should diversify energy
suppliers as it considers using non-Russian technologies to expand its
nuclear-generation facilities in an open $26 billion tender, the
foreign affairs minister said Friday.
"I don't think it's good if in anything you depend on one country,"
Karel Schwarzenberg told Dow Jones Newswires in an interview.
Schwarzenberg noted that the Czech Republic already gets most of its
crude oil and natural gas supplies, as well as recently getting all of
its nuclear fuel rods, from Russia.


Науку разумно мониторить.


MOSCOW, Jul 30, 2010 (Dow Jones Commodities News Select via Comtex) — Russia
harvested 33 million metric tons of grain to July 29, which is 1.6 million tons
more than on the same date last year, the agriculture ministry reported late
ну мониторить сообщения министерства сельского хозяйства по Dow Jones NewsWires - не очень разумно
и центробанка


непрерывно мониторьте, когда лента закончится


Да реально не парься. Если залезть в какой-нить Блумберг или Рейтер, то там такого гавна ой-ой-ой сколько. И на это можно весь свой рабочий день убивать, проверено. Только вот в голове от этого мусора что-то ничуть не прибавляется. Только развивается привычка мониторить и читать. Привычка, от которой все тяжелее и тяжелее избавиться, проверено.
Лучше книгу какую художественную почитай. Если цель английский подботать, то и книгу читать на английском.


на какие темы было бы разумно мониторить?
Пожалуйста, проверяй темы:
1. информация по которым может отличаться от нашей, внутрироссийской. Всё, что может замалчиваться властями:
Чечня, Ингушетия, Дагестан и Черкесия;
цензура, свобода слова и собраний, протестные выступления.
2. информации по которым у нас вообще мало.
Это - мировые наука, культура и искусство. Лично меня больше всего интересуют астрономия, история и археология, литература.


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