American English Club


Может кто-нибудь запостить их последнюю рассылку?
Ну или хотя бы сказать где встреча в четверг?...аудиторию...


Как обычно в 19.00 в аудитории "P" 4 во 2-ом гумманитарном


On Thursday the American English Club will be having a TALENT SHOW! You do not have to perform anything but we would love to hear you sing, dance, or do anything! And we will be doing our own talents also. To make things more interesting, it will be a contest to see who has the best talent, with prizes! So come and perform or just watch! We will be in room P 4 of the 2nd Humanitarian building at 7 pm.
Next week s English Club will be on TUESDAY the 16th of December. We will be talking about Christmas and popular Christmas traditions so come out! Some of our parents from America will be visiting and they would like to meet you! See you!
Your Friends,
The American English Club


Так это все таки П-3 или эР-3 ?


п 4
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