Можно оплачивать покупки в интернете картой Ситибанка?


Оставил данные карты Ситибанковской в инете - карта Mastercard, не кредитка
пришел отказ:
While processing your credit card the payment could not be authorized from your creditcard company. There can be many reasons for this like a mistake in your creditcard nr or cvc code.You can email us on globalticketservice.com or call on +47 2220 2008 to check your creditcard details or if you would like us to process your order with another credit card. Otherwise please contact your creditcard company. We are holding your tickets for 48 hours before they will be put back for sale.
А вообще можно картой Ситибанка оплачивать?


в поиск.
Дебетовой - низзя.
Кредитной - элементарно


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