Косово продалось России


Албанские хомячки на дотации российских спецслужб радуются избранию нового президента, пришедшего к власти 22 февраля!
Behgjet Isa Pacolli[a] (locally: [ˈbɛhdʒɛt pɐˈt͡so:ɫɪ];[1] born 30 August 1951) is the President of the Republic of Kosovo.[b]
He was the President and CEO of Mabetex Group, a Swiss-based construction and civil-engineering company. He also holds a Swiss passport.[2] The group also includes the Kosovar daily tabloid Lajm, founded in 2002, and has sponsored numerous sports teams in Kosovo. Pacolli is also the President of the fourth biggest political party in Kosovo, the New Kosovo Alliance.[3] For the past four years, he has been involved in Kosovar politics. He is believed to be the world's richest Albanian.[4] Pacolli is largely unpopular amongst the Kosovar population because he has strong ties to the Russian government, which opposed Kosovo's secession from Serbia in 2008.[5]


Kosovo: New Leader Had Ties to Russia
Kosovo’s Parliament elected Behgjet Pacolli, a businessman with a history of ties to Moscow, president on Tuesday under a power-sharing deal with Prime Minister Hashim Thaci after elections in December. The main opposition parties boycotted the session, citing those ties. Mr. Pacolli remains unpopular among the two million Kosovo Albanians, largely because of his ties with Moscow, which opposes Kosovo’s 2008 secession from Serbia, a Russian ally.


кстати у него жена походу русская (наверняка же агент ФСБ!) - зовут Машей


кстати у него жена походу русская (наверняка же агент ФСБ!) - зовут Машей
мда, кто только наших девок не ебет... :(


Это же кореш палпалыча Бородина )


Косово продалось России
Разве это плохо?


Фактически, Изенгард продался Мордору.
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