Поезда из аэропорта Брюсселя в Париж


такие бывают? т.е. есть ли станция TGV или TER прямо в аэропорту?


Вики говорит, что вроде как нету.

The Brussels National Airport railway station is located under the airport building at level -1. The train station has direct services to Brussels, De Panne, Ghent, Hasselt, Landen, Leuven, Nivelles and Quévy. The most used link to Brussels has at least 3 trains per hour.
A direct train link with Leuven was opened on 12 December 2005. A direct link with Antwerp and Mechelen via the so-called Diabolo line is scheduled to be completed in 2012. The Diabolo project is a public private partnership. It has been decided that all rail passengers to the Brussels National Airport railway station station pay a "Diabolo supplement" to finance the ongoing and planned work.


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