Англия на очереди после Франции. Мультикультурные погромы.



довыебывались европейцы со своей толерантностью


Сраная Инглашка! :grin:


Ебать Англия! С виду Зимбабве!


да кто бы говорил-то
Гражданин Кении пострадал в перестрелке между кавказцами и азиатами
МОСКВА, 8 августа.


да кто бы говорил-то
:grin: :grin: :grin:


А причем тут она?


да вообще-то мультикультурное мочилово в Британии началось очень давно. Можно сказать, они были первооткрывателями.
The end of World War II had seen a marked increase in Caribbean migrants to Britain. By the 1950s, white working-class "Teddy Boys" were beginning to display hostility towards the black families in the area, a situation exploited and inflamed by groups such as Sir Oswald Mosley's Union Movement and other far-right groups, who urged disaffected white residents to "Keep Britain White".[1]
There was an increase in violent attacks on black people through the summer. For instance, 24 August, a group of ten white youths committed a series of serious assaults on six West Indian men in four separate incidents. At 5.40am, their car was spotted by two police officers who pursued them into the White City estate, where the gang abandoned the car. Using the car as a lead, investigating detectives arrested nine of the gang the next day after working non-stop for 20 hours.[2]
Just prior to the Notting Hill riots, there was racial unrest in Nottingham, which began on Saturday, 23 August and went on intermittently for two weeks.[3]


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