Цены на бензин бьют рекорды, а НПЗ закрывают один за другим


ST. CROIX, U.S. Virgin Islands — One of the world’s largest oil refineries will close next month, the company announced Wednesday, stunning nearly 2,000 workers and threatening to upend the reeling economy of the U.S. Virgin Islands.
Industry analysts said the closure is unlikely to have a major effect on the global oil market, but Gov. John de Jongh described the loss of the territory’s largest private employer as “a complete body blow” for the U.S. territory of about 108,000 people.

Three major oil refineries in the Philadelphia area are slated to close by the end of next summer unless a buyer steps in to purchase them. If these refineries shut down, 2,000 oil workers will immediately find themselves unemployed, and the nearby communities are expected to lose about 20,000 more jobs due to economic aftershocks.
On September 6, Sunoco announced it planned to sell its refineries in Marcus Hook and South Philadelphia. Later in the month, ConocoPhillips followed suit by putting its Trainer refinery up for sale and having its workers set the facility to idling. Together, the three refineries are estimated to comprise roughly a third of the East Coast’s refining capacity.

До чего Обама страну довел. сша->сг


так потому и "Цены на бензин бьют рекорды", что "НПЗ закрывают один за другим"


Ты что, цены на бензин бьют рекорды потому что Путинские олигархи наживаются. Балланс спроса и предложения тут не причем.
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