a native of UK is seeking for a place to stay at


The following information was received from my teacher of phonetics at MSLU.Perhaps that will be of interest to smb.
(Unfortunately my family opposed the idea of having a native as a guest)
Placement letter:
My name is Bethany Knipe; I am 19 years old and currently a student in my second year at the University of Manchester, studying Russian and Spanish on a 4-year MML course (Master of Modern Languages).  I have been learning both languages for many years now and have previously visited both countries.  I am very involved in the community, having been a Cub Scout leader in Sedgwick, a
long-term member of Cumbria’s only flute choir, Flutes and Co, and an active member of Kent Estuary Young Farmers Club.  Until leaving for University, I studied at Dallam School, achieving A levels in Russian, Spanish and Geography, where I was also awarded the Kuypers Award for Modern Languages.
As part of the Masters course on which I am enrolled, a compulsory eight-week minimum residence abroad is required during the summer between study periods.  In the summer of 2011 I will travel to Russia and in the summer of 2012 to Spain.  During the residence period the aim is to improve my ability to speak and understand the language at the same time as immersing myself in the culture of the country and it’s people.
Unlike most of the languages offered as part of the Masters course, very few students have studied Russian MML (I am led to believe I am the first 4-year MML student studying Russian for over 5 years) and as a result the University of Manchester does not have the same number of business links and placement contacts as in the more “usual” subjects.  On the year-placements, students tend to study at a Russian University which is not an option for the summer period.  The placement is overseen by the University of Manchester who also need to pre-approve any plans made.  Unfortunately, any sort of au-pair-type placement is not considered appropriate for the MML course. I have no preference as to the type of work placement; however, exposure to the Russian language is a necessity.
I would very much welcome any assistance you may be able to give me and would be grateful if you could suggest any contacts which may meet the placement criteria and/or any other appropriate opportunities.  I can be contacted via my email address, bethany.student.manchester.ac.uk, or if easier to talk, via mobile +447818253143. 
I thank you in anticipation.
Yours sincerely
Bethany Knipe
High Carlingill Farm, Tebay, Cumbria, UK CA10 3XX


Bethany Knipe

а вот это ее бойфренд


А на первой фотке — герлфренд?


Написала бы на русском — больше было бы шансов, что кто-то отзовется.
Заодно и уровень владения русским показала бы.


подай ей идею )
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